About Layer 2 Computers

We are humans just like you and love to make technology work!

A message from David, the founder of Layer 2 Computers:

"It is easy to wake up in the morning knowing that Layer 2 and the work that we do is truly supporting the growth of our local community. By supporting local businesses and residents we go to bed knowing we have made a difference. All of us at Layer 2 Computers understand that you probably don't want to speak in GHz or Gigabytes. From the first phone call in, performing our services, to the last follow-up, we are having a conversation with you. Our goal is to see your business become more efficient and tech savvy without all the headache."

Our Amazing Team

Managing Member
David Trifiro
Problem Solver
Brad Claghorn
“A successful technology plan means it is easy to use, reduces downtime, and makes life easier for both employees and business owners.”
David Trifiro - Managing Member