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Automated, monitored, and tested backups are key to a successfully strategy. Never lose your important data again and reduce downtime.

Data Backup

Business Data Backup Services in Dayton, OH

Sometimes customers ask us why it’s important to backup business data and personal data off-site.

Picture the scene. Your computer or server fatally crashes. If and when you eventually manage to turn back on, you find that all your precious data has vanished. Everything! Realms of customer information, the manuscript for your next novel, and a 95-page report you were halfway through writing, the deadline looming.

You search in vain, through files and folders, even the trash-can, all to no avail. You try a different device thinking that the cloud had your data saved, but the search function comes up with nothing. Then that all too familiar hot prickly sensation on the back of your neck, beads of perspiration speckle your forehead as your skin turns clammy and realization dawns:

You’ve lost your data and you don’t have a Backup and Recovery process in place!

It only takes a split second to lose folders, files, and even a whole server, which is why Level 2 provides always-on Data Backup Solutions for every business and home in real time. If your computer is on, your data is being backed up.

Data Backup for Business in Dayton

For businesses, where Data Backup could mean the difference between survival and catastrophe after a computer crashes; whether you work on Macs or Windows, Layer 2 provides automatic, always-on Backup. We even save old versions of files and folders. Moreover, you control what is saved, from a few handpicked important files or the entire contents of a server.

Data Backup on The Move

With so many professionals now working from home or between locations, where mobile devices and laptops are subject to heavy use, no matter what happens your data is safe. We provide Data Backup where you can safely store everything, even large files, on the go.

No Computer, Server, or Data Store is Too Big or Small - Server Backup Services in Dayton, OH

Layer 2’s Data Backup service includes:

  • Always-on, if your computer is on, your data is being backed up.
  • Tested and verified backups, plus reports so you know your data is safe.
  • Data is stored safely, securely, here in the United States.
  • Backup is ongoing and instant.
  • Save and recover ‘old-versions’.
  • Backup everything, all at once.
Business Data Backup

Whether you run a small business, are an entrepreneur or a family at home, Layer 2 has an always-on data backup solution tailored to your needs.

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