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VOIP Phones  Although Alexander Graham Bell won the first US Patent for the telephone way back in 1876 whilst Italian innovator Antonio Meucci is credited with inventing the first, basic version.

Almost 150 years later, everyone is talking about internet telephony as being the business standard to aim for. Indeed, a VoIP phone service is a communications option that you cannot afford to overlook.

And yet the user’s experience of making a VoIP call is virtually identical to making a traditional one. So what's all the fuss about?

A VoIP Phone Service for Dayton Businesses

Although VoIP has been around for a while, it’s still a developing technology with refinements and improvements ongoing. It has now reached the point where it provides significant advantages over traditional telephony services.

Cost Savings for VOIP Services in Dayton, OH

Right out of the gate, the infrastructure needed to support a VoIP phone service is much cheaper. VoIP phones can often run over a single ethernet connection.

Secondly, calls are less expensive because they’re transmitted the same way whether you’re calling the next block or the other side of the globe.  

Lastly, repair and maintenance costs are significantly lower. Because there’s very little hardware and the technology is newer and more reliable, there’s no need to refresh your phone infrastructure every few years. Best of all everything is month to month!

Accessible and Agile

Appearance is everything right? VoIP lets you make calls from anywhere in the world using the same number, which fits perfectly with today’s modern, mobile workforce with a preference for , or a necessity to work at home. Moreover, your customers and clients will love it.


Layer 2 provides a scalable VoIP phone service that delivers the right amount of VOIP whilst retaining the ability to scale up quickly as your business grows. Your team can even call customers using their own devices, yet route those calls via your business’s instantly identifiable number. Moreover, our technicians can easily add extra features and services such as virtual receptionist and automated call-handling.

Business Phones

VoIP is a clever technology that can be configured as part of your businesses existing technology ecosystem. With expert deployment and configuration from Layer 2, your organization can benefit from significant cost-savings as well as business phones that are portable, reliable and above all modern.

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