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Full coverage and maximum speed can make a business thrive and remain always connected.

Business Wireless Support Dayton, OH

The breakneck pace of advances in technology, commoditization of hardware and software, and proliferation of new and cutting-edge mobile capabilities means that small business can create an almost wireless network quickly, easily, and relatively inexpensively.

Wireless networks have become an essential component of business technology infrastructure right across the business spectrum; from offices and shops to manufacturing and warehousing. And a business-critical issue when things go wrong.

Reliable and fast business wireless depends upon effective WiFi installation using high-performance, reliable and robust business-grade access points. In turn, this hardware should be supported by a backbone of hardwired, structured cabling to provide a bandwidth that is capable of handling continuous, heavy business load.

Business Wireless Networks by Design

At Layer 2 our wireless network specialists will design business wireless and mobility solutions that are scalable to the needs of your business and are easy to manage and control.

Fully Managed Business Wifi Dayton, OH From Start to Finish

Our services include:

  • Troubleshooting and upgrading existing underperforming networks.
  • Extending the capacity of networks.
  • Installing new networks when you set up or move premises.
  • Connecting multiple sites where physical cabling isn’t feasible

Effective WiFi installation often requires a professional site survey. Once carried out, our technicians will map out access points away from obstructions to ensure site-wide coverage. Depending on the nature of your business, our design will be capable of supporting multiple and, where appropriate, dedicated networks for:

  • Business users and employees
  • Connecting to cloud services such as the G-Suite or Office 365
  • Working from home
  • Applications such as VOIP or video conferencing
  • Guest users
  • Even the general public
Wireless Networking

Where necessary, networks will be configured to connect multiple locations and support different access rights and security considerations.

Network Support and Maintenance Dayton, OH

The Layer 2 team make WiFi networks ‘smart’. Our network setup and management will:

  • Ensure your network is running to its full potential 24 of 7, year-round.
  • Propagate changes and upgrades made centrally right across the network immediately.
  • Manage load and migrate Wifi client devices from congested access points to less busy ones automatically.

Professionally planned and implemented wi-fi networks can accommodate a myriad of customizations. Why not start your wireless network project with a call to our team?

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