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Need a custom built computer? Having the right tool for the job is the best way to get the job done.

Custom Built Computer

Are you looking for custom built computers near me?

We are a specialist at custom built computers - If you are a power user, gamer, or photography enthusiast, not having the right computer can be the difference between a fun and productive day and a bad day.

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down expecting to have a long session on your computer than being slowed down or flat out told you cannot do what you want because the computer can't handle it. This is where a custom computer comes in.

A custom hand built computer ensures you have the right specs to meet the requirements for what you need for the task at hand.

Custom Computers Near Me

Working with a local company to hand build your custom computer is important for several reasons.

  • Local Support - If you have a part that is acting up it is easier to call a professional tech to come check it out. We stand by all computers we build and will even replace parts faster than having to deal with the part manufacturers.
  • Higher Quality Parts - Layer 2 will work with you to figure out exactly what processor, RAM, and other parts to ensure you get the most bang for your money.
  • No Bloatware or Junk Software - Every computer that we custom build for our clients come with a fresh install of Windows 10 Professional. This means less junk and clutter to slow you down and get in your way.
  • Custom Parts List - Gamers and power users need a hand picked part list to meet the high demand of the task at hand.
  • Better Cooling - Keeping computer components cool extend the life and also allow for more complex builds.

Custom Gaming Computer

Are you looking for custom gaming computer builders? You are in the right place. Gamers expect speed and exceptional quality! Building a custom gaming computer that can handle the requirements of the latest games can be a tough and confusing. then on top of that throwing in gaming and streaming at the same time causes even more of a bottleneck. Do you have a game in mind or just want the best parts for your budget ? Either way Layer 2 can hand select a part list that meets your needs. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you sit back and enjoy the games at the highest FPS you can!

Custom Photography Computer and Other Needs

Photographers and video editors expect the colors to always be spot on and crystal clear. Fast processing of images is key to an efficient workflow while working on large project files.

When building a computer for photography or other power users we meet with you before we start talking about parts and figure out what the end goal is. Between high speed storage and even faster processors it can be confusing so we want to make sure everything is spot on.

Custom Gaming Computer

Want to get started on your custom build computer journey? Layer 2 can provide you with the service and knowledge to make sure you have the right custom computer for the task at hand.

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