Upgrade to Efficiency: Networking Transformation

December 28, 2023

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Project Description

We're thrilled to wrap up our 2023 project posts with a major achievement for one of our valued clients in Miamisburg. We started by giving the utility room and the old free-standing networking racks a much-needed cleanup, creating an organized space.

One of the standout features of this project is the sleek rack, complete with a generously sized rack-mountable switch. We opted for a larger switch, even though it may seem like overkill, because it costs the same as a smaller one and future-proofs the setup.

To ensure uninterrupted power, we installed a battery backup, with the flexibility to double the capacity by adding a second battery if needed later. Properly connecting power and Ethernet to the rack was essential, and we made sure everything was shipshape. This 15u tall rack houses various components, including the switch, battery backup, the current server, and an empty slot reserved for a future rack mounted server. This setup offers scalability and adaptability for whatever the future holds.

Side note: If you spot a fresh, youthful face, it's with great enthusiasm that we welcomed our high school intern, Brad, to be a part of this project as well.

We take pride in delivering robust and flexible networking solutions to our clients and we're excited to share even more exciting projects with you in 2024.

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